SEAG Maths Resources (Digital downloads)

Parent-pupil resources and practice tests to help in preparation for the SEAG Entrance Assessment.

We believe these are an invaluable resource for any parent now preparing a Year 6 child for the SEAG Entrance Assessment. The 2023 revised editions have been expanded to include 4 Information Files, and 1 book of tests that have been given in a format that mirrors the SEAG assessment. The substantial reference files provide comprehensive coverage of all elements of the attainment targets of Number (Book 1) Measures (Book 2), Shape and Space (Book 3), and Handling Data and Probability (Book 4) as required for the SEAG Entrance Assessment. The books are written to enable parents to work ‘smart’ with their child at home and help consolidate the teaching programme within the school. They are expertly presented in a highly visual format. They can be purchased as separate resources, as a complete Maths bundle, or as part of a complete SEAG Preparation Pack.

Sample documents may be downloaded from the Range of Resources page.